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What cured Raimondo’s healthy chromophobia?

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In his latest piece entitled “The American Spring,” Justin Raimondo claims that neocons like Kagan, Abrams and Kristol “never foresaw the Arab awakening and the overthrow of US-supported dictators in Egypt and Tunisia…” Is it possible that their friends at NED, IRI, NDI, MEPI, POMED, Freedom House, AYM, ICNC,, CFR, WINEP’s Project Fikra, and Saban’s MEDD Project and Brookings Doha Center didn’t fill them in on their tireless efforts to promote “Arab democracy”?

However, according to the New York Times, Kagan “long before the revolution helped assemble a nonpartisan group of policy experts to press for democratic change in Egypt.” That nonpartisan Working Group on Egypt included Abrams, who as early as January 7 gushed, “If Tunisia can move toward democracy, Algerians and Egyptians and even Libyans will wonder why they cannot. This kind of thing may catch on.” As for Mubarak’s ouster, Kristol opined on January 30, “‘Twere well it were quickly.” If that’s what neocon fear sounds like, it’s hard to imagine their reaction if they were pleased! Actually, there’s no need to imagine. Just read Kristol’s “The Arabs’ Spring — And Ours.”

So how is it that the author of “The ‘Color’ Revolutions: Fade to Black” has now become such an uncritical cheerleader for the latest phase of the “global democratic revolution”? As Raimondo wrote in the opening line of that 2006 piece, “How quickly we forget.”


Written by Maidhc Ó Cathail

June 21, 2011 at 7:39 am

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