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America's entanglement with Israel

Israeli Koolaid, Anyone?

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In response to Sara Sorcher’s question “What should the Administration do to pressure Iran?” posed in the oddly-named National Journal — unless it refers to the only nation that could benefit from such a leading question — in the wake of what was most likely an Israeli attempt to “false flag” Iran in the ludicrous Saudi assassination plot, Col. W. Patrick Lang’s reply is priceless:

Let’s see. What would that eminent philosopher and policy wonk, W. C. Fields say in answer to this question?

“Well, little chickadees,” he might begin.

“Let us first stipulate that Iran is the worst threat to the US since Hitler or Saddam Hussein, or the USSR, whichever one prefers. No matter that our spooks refuse to accept the idea, what do they know?

Our greatest non-NATO ally, perhaps the greatest ally we have ever had, assures us that Iran is Nazi Germany and Ahmadinajad is the apotheosis of evil, or at least a major tribal enemy.

This blessed people, to be protected and cherished above all others, demands our help in destroying their enemies. What duty could be more sacred and just?

A good start has been made in the discovery of an Iranian plot, deviously, fiendishly clever in its disguise as an enterprise that on the surface seems designed by the Three Stooges. Curse them! There are those who doubt the unseen and unreleased proof of this plot, but this is not a problem. We will simply ignore them and they will be ignored. After all, they are like insurance salesmen. Ignore them and they will be gone.

There are suckers born every minute.In the US, suckers are born by the thousands every day. A few sips of the magic ‘Koolaid’ every now and then and soon the box office for the show will build to a satisfactory opening night.

The show’s backers in the big building on the hill will accept anything. Their devotion is without bounds.All this can be arranged.

‘Come here, Mr. Insurance Man’”


Written by Maidhc Ó Cathail

October 24, 2011 at 6:21 am

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