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One group that hopes to benefit from Israeli-backed Libyan ‘Revolution’

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From the Jerusalem Post:

The killing of the Libyan leader on Thursday marked the final chapter in the troubled history between Gaddafi and Libyan Jewry.

When the young colonel came to power in 1969 the Jewish community of Libya, which traced its history back to antiquity, had already been decimated by pogroms carried out by Muslims angered over the Israeli-Arab conflict. From a peak of around 30,000 during the 1930s, only a few hundred remained, but it was Gaddafi’s policies that brought about the community’s elimination. He confiscated private and communal Jewish property, withheld civil rights for Jews and forbade those who had taken refuge abroad from returning.

With their nemesis dead and buried (somewhere), Libyan Jews have high hopes for a shining new, democratic, and Israel-friendly Libya:

Raphael Luzon, a leader of the Libyan Jewish community in the UK, preferred to look forward on Thursday, saying it was an excellent opportunity to open a new page in relations between Jews and the new Libyan government.

“Of course, we are happy and giving our solidarity to the Libyan people for this day that hopefully will end the war and start a reconstruction of a new and democratic Libya open to all,” he wrote in an e-mail.

“We understand that now the Libyan leaders have to form a new government that creates a commission to write down a new constitution and fix a date for general elections.”

Gerbi said he preferred to be cautious.

He recently spent several months in Libya, where he went to show support for the rebels. However, he was forced to leave after a much publicized attempt to restore a synagogue in Tripoli causing a furor among locals. He said that post-Gaddafi Libya must reverse the slain dictator’s policies toward non-Muslims.

“This day [has] arrived and now is the time to reorganize, but they have to decide which way to go: either to become a democracy with a Jewish minority or go with the Islamists,” he said. “It’s an important day and we’re going to see what will come next.”

Both Luzon and Gerbi hope to be invited by the National Transitional Council governing the country to take part in the democratic process.


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October 27, 2011 at 5:51 am

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