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WaPo Editorial: US should back opposition in Syrian civil war — to save more lives!

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Yesterday, in a typically warmongering editorial deceptively entitled “The U.S. has options to help end the carnage in Syria,” the pro-Israel Washington Post had this advice for the Obama administration:

If Western military action is off the table for now, it is time for the administration and its allies to consider other steps. While the administration rightly has urged the Syrian opposition to remain peaceful, if civil war is inevitable, it is in the United States’ interest for that war to end as quickly as possible with the defeat of Mr. Assad. Prolonged fighting could draw in neighbors and spread to Lebanon and Iraq; a victory by Mr. Assad would be a disaster for the region as well as for his people.

If it is not doing so already, the administration should be quietly working with Arab allies such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as well as with Turkey, to provide greater support to the opposition — including its armed components. The sooner Syrian commanders and the regime’s remaining supporters can be convinced that Mr. Assad cannot survive by force of arms, the more lives can be saved.

Now, how many times have we heard such “humanitarian” concern before? And how many more lives were lost as a result of US administrations acting upon it?


Written by Maidhc Ó Cathail

December 16, 2011 at 7:52 am

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