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Sweden’s Nobel War Prize in Libya (and Syria?)

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Back on May 15, 2011, Jim Kemeny, professor emeritus of Urban and Housing Sociology, Uppsala University, noted the Swedish military-industrial complex’s interest in “protecting” the Libyan people:

When it was first announced that the UN Security Council had approved US intervention in Libya, and then that NATO was going to be taking over the role of patrolling the skies over Libya with the intention of grounding the Libyan Air Force many in Sweden saw this as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to show off JAS 39 Gripen in a war theatre but in a non-fighting role. With NATO and EU control of the skies, what better risk-free advertising could be imagined? All the Riksdag Political Parties – including the Left Party (V)! – voted in favour of Swedish participation to aid the rebel armies trying to oust Gadaffi.

As Prof. Kemeny pointed out:

At the time this was a radical critical view of Swedish participation in NATO’s war against Gadaffi. But already attitudes have changed a lot. The spin the Swedish media put on this was quite astonishing. Now they are much more balanced regarding Libya. Instead Syria is the current object of media demonisation. The language is the same as it used to be in Libya, the army actions described with words like “brutal”, “indiscriminate”, and loose unverified casualties are cited.

As for the famous (or infamous) Nobel connection referred to in my title, Kemeny observed:

At the heart of Sweden’s military-industrial complex is Nobel Industries AB. […] Through a stake in SAAB (English Wikipedia) subsidiary SAAB-BAe Gripen AB, has been jointly-owned with Nobel Industries, a relationship that BAe is withdrawing from on the grounds that SAAB is too heavily mired in corruption and bribery scandals.


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January 10, 2012 at 11:43 am

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