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America's entanglement with Israel

Mossad Assassinations: Antiwar’s Chomskyan Covering of US-Israel Relationship

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On the Blog, John Glaser seeks to diminish Eli Lake’s report of Israeli responsibility for the assassination of Iranian scientists:

Lake discounts charges that the U.S. had any direct involvement in the kills and points to his earlier reporting which tried to show the U.S. working to dissuade the Israelis from a unilateral attack. I would only say that, given the reality of U.S. support to Israel – it exceeds any other state in the world – it’s fair to characterize Israeli policy, whether in the West Bank, Gaza, or towards Iran, is de facto sanctioned by the U.S. It’s possible these assassinations are solely the work of Mossad with no direct help from the CIA or the Obama administration. But even if that’s the case, Israel would not be able to do such things without faithful economic, military, and diplomatic support from America.

Antiwar favourite Stephen Zunes, a leading provider of Chomskyan protective cover for the Zionist lobby, couldn’t have said it better.


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January 14, 2012 at 6:12 pm

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  1. Take a look at this by Ron Ben-Yishai, from Thursday, thus predating Eli Lake:,7340,L-4174792,00.html

    Glaser’s saying this is interesting: “Lake discounts charges that the US had any direct involvement in the kills and points to his earlier reporting which tried to show the US working to dissuade the Israelis from a unilateral attack.”

    The earlier (Dec 28 2011) reporting referred to is here:

    I regard this whole meme as disinformation. I have always said that the idea of a genuinely unilateral Israeli attack on Iran was pure bluff. It conforms to a pattern frequently seen before, whereby the US pretends to have difficulty in coordinating its plans with Israel. I’m not saying that this implies that the US in fact controls Israeli decision-making, or the reverse; I’m just saying that the appearance of lack of coordination provides useful psychological leverage, analogous to when Israel claims to be unable to control its own extremist settlers in the territories. Whenever you say, “I’m having difficulty holding back these hawks/extremists,” you are improving your bargaining position by adding to the implicit threat.

    In any case, there is no need for Israel to attack Iran unilaterally. Most of us here agree that Israel is able to ensure that the US is, at the very least, committed to the attack before it starts. They might agree to let Israel launch the first strike so that the US can appear to be being dragged in to protect Israel against retaliation. This is just tactics. But my point is that in fact Israel and the US will be fully coordinated in whatever they do. Another important point, in my view, is that I don’t think the attack on Iran can be launched until Syria has been taken out of the picture.

    I made a related point in the course of a rather complicated comment I wrote yesterday beneath Maidhc’s “The Bibi Connection”, which linked to Max Blumenthal’s report in al-Akhbar about an article in Israel Hayom painting Obama as a wimp without the guts to attack Iran. Basically I was saying that these statements in the Israeli press are a sort of overseas extension of a perennial pattern in western electoral politics, whereby supposedly weak centrist governments alternate with supposedy muscular right-wing ones, and during the period of the supposedly centrist government (in this case, Obama’s) the right wing keeps bashing it for ‘wimpishness’. I said this was all just a charade, but that it was significant how the bashing is relayed through the Israeli press.


    January 14, 2012 at 8:19 pm

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