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Israeli op-ed: Obama’s smearing the rich bad for Jews and Israel

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Opines Shoula Romano Horing, an Israeli blogger living in the United States, in Ynetnews:

Despite US President Barack Obama’s questionable record of support for Israel, many liberal American Jews support the president’s re-election bid because they claim that his values are more consistent with the values of the Jewish community. They especially praise Obama’s supposed attempt to prevent the accumulation of wealth by a few and fight the rich on behalf of the poor and the working class. However, his use of “class warfare” as a reelection strategy is not only hypocritical, false and divisive, but is also not good for and even dangerous to Jews.

I do not believe that President Obama is an anti-Semite, but any strategy that connects a tiny1% portion of the population with exploitative banking and financial practices as well as Wall Street excesses and greed is susceptible to taking on anti-Jewish undertones during a period of grim economic conditions. As evidenced by Jewish history, populist resentment, easily stoked, is less easily controlled. American Jews not only should not support such president, but must also speak out against such demagoguery and scapegoating.

The Jews in America constitute around 2% of the population and are much more successful economically and educationally than other ethnic, racial and religious groups in the US. Some 46% of Jews earn more than $100,000 per year, and approximately 34% of the Forbes’ top richest 400 American citizens are Jewish, including 20 of the wealthiest 50. A strategy of envy is not good for Jews and scapegoating any group of people for their hard work and success is wrong and inconsistent with the American dream or with Jewish values.

Concludes Horing:

Third, a major Jewish value is charitable giving. Obama’s plan of higher marginal tax rates and reducing the rate wealthy taxpayers can deduct for their charitable giving would reduce donations and badly impact many Jewish and other philanthropic institutions at this time when requests from individuals and families have soared.

Hence, American Jews should wake up and realize that supporting President Obama is not only bad for Israel, but also does not serve their own self-interest.


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February 19, 2012 at 11:08 am

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