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America's entanglement with Israel

Lee Whitnum, Candidate for US Senate, unable to gain access to March 3rd Democratic Debate – calls it a “blow to democracy”

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Lee Whitnum US Senate
Press Release
March 2, 2012

“It is a sad day for Democracy when a federal judge believes a corporation has the power to dictate who is a viable political candidate,” said Lee Whitnum. “Today was a blow to Democracy – a great loss for the People.”

This morning Friday, May 2, 2012, Whitnum had a final shot at getting into the March 3rd, 2012 pre-primary debate. Alvin W. Thompson Chief United States District Judge rejected Whitnum’s case on the First Amendment violation.

“Basically his decision states that a corporation gets to pick-and-choose the candidates by allowing access to the debate and the corresponding media exposer. Not the political committee, not the Delegates but a mega media outlet,” said Whitnum. “The judge really made a mistake on principle in this one. What next? No fat people as candidates? No African Americans? Why bother running, just have a corporate media outlet choose our candidates for us.”

The debate sponsored by conglomerate GatehouseMedia and the Norwich Bulletin were named as Defendants. “They had a team of slick lawyers from down here and upstate,” said Whitnum who says she is “grieving for our country.”

“What will compel people to come forward to take the hard stands when a faceless, behind scenes corporate executives can decide they don’t like candidate no doubt based on political stands. I’m really grieving about this one,” said Whitnum. “What kind of country do we have? First Citizens United and now this,” she added. “Do people have right at all any more? What the hell happened to democracy?”

Whitnum is a duly filed candidate for the US with the Federal Election commission when Gatehouse Media, an out of state conglomerate decided that she was not a viable candidate for the pre-primary debate.

“It is pre-primary debate – I’m a registered candidate,” said Whitnum who believes the slight was purposeful and deliberate. “I believe it is because I am the only political candidate for federal office who is outspoken against the Israeli government, AIPAC (the Israel lobby’s unbridled power) and the roll of the neoconservatives in the unnecessary Iraq war where 1 million people dead – unnecessarily. This must never happen again.”

“The judge had a chance to set it right. He blew it.”

GatehouseMedia in Fairport New York, has as part of its holdings: 79 daily newspapers, 257 weekly newspapers, 95 “shoppers”, 405 locally focused websites and six yellow page directories. GateHouse’s publications reach 3 million plus people weekly.

Update: Gatehouse Media Inc. board director Martin Bandier is also a member of the board of the United Jewish Appeal (now merged with the Council of Jewish Federations), which raises money for Israel.


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March 4, 2012 at 4:49 pm

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  1. This story is reminiscent of when Congressman Dennis Kucinich was culled from the presidential debates four years ago. Media is owned by the same special interest groups which lobby Congress to do their bidding, often at great loss to the American public. It’s no wonder Lee Whitnum was not allowed to speak and challenge this injustice in a public forum.

    Wake up Americans. You have almost Zero control of your country. I give you example:

    Senator Murray as Chair of the Super Committee was tasked with solving the huge budgetary deficit our country faces. While schools and bridges are rotting hospitals are closing and millions can’t find work, Murray guarantees that the bloated defense contractors will still be fed nearly half of what we give our Congress every year to run the entire country on:

    even though many more well-paying jobs could be created by spending our taxes on programs other than the defense hog:

    The same story is true for offshore gifts to countries like Israel. It has cost US taxpayers more than 3 Trillion dollars

    to defend Israel as Israel has enticed us into several conflicts that allow it to continue its illegal expansion and theft of other people’s lands:

    The murderous behavior of Israel has created enemies that the US would not otherwise have, and has drastically affected fuel costs to the US and its allies. Congressman Kucinich knows all of this, and so does Lee Whitnum. Those who attempt to silence them would rather that we didn’t know it.

    Please check out the links I’ve provided here, and connect the dots. We’re not a stupid people. We have just been denied the truth:

    My vote is for Lee Whitnum and others who have the courage to put the needs of the American people over the wants of special interests groups such as the Israeli Lobby.

    David Evans
    Former Sergeant, USMC
    Veterans For Peace Member
    Israel/Palestine Working Group

    David Evans

    March 5, 2012 at 1:54 am

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