The Passionate Attachment

America's entanglement with Israel

Netanyahu on Newtown: ‘We understand the pain and the agony’

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Written by Maidhc Ó Cathail

December 17, 2012 at 1:26 pm

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  1. I listened just to see if Bibi would mention the 17-year old Palestinian who was killed by an Israeli officer. Mohammad Salayme has just bought a cake to celebrate his 17th birthday, when an Israeli shot at him with an automatic weapon. His body was left to lie as Israelis concentrated, instead, on dispersing the crowd of Palestinians who had gathered to protest the shooting.

    Some children’s lives are more worthy of being mourned than others.

    nb. I knew that watching Bibi perform was going to be a puke-worthy experience, but he exceeded expectations. His faux sympathy bespeaks a genuine psychopath.

    Then again, Barack “Drone Kill list” Obama’s words of sympathy ring equally hollow. Think about the schoolmates of the dead children; project 10, 15 years out, when they come to realize that the man who came to town to mourn their dead childhood friends is responsible for the intentional deaths of Iranian and Palestinian children.


    December 17, 2012 at 2:09 pm

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